The exhibition Paul Nash – Watercolours 1910 – 1946 will be held from 9 October to 22 November.
The exhibition catalogue was produced by DeckersSnoeck.

Opening on 8th October 2014, and marking the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, Piano Nobile is delighted to present an exhibition celebrating the work of Paul Nash (1889- 1946), one of the most significant twentieth century British artists. Paul Nash began his career in watercolours, and was drawn to the medium throughout his life, executing many of his most important and iconic works in watercolour. Piano Nobile will show watercolours from throughout Nash’s extensive career, including several seminal World War I artworks. The exhibition will draw on museum and private collections, and include many hitherto unseen works.

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Ruined Country: Old Battlefield, Vimy, near La Folle Wood , 1917-18 | watercolour and chalk


A Farm, Wytschaete , 1917 | Ink, chalk and watercolour on paper