The book ‘Untitled (September Magazine) by Paul Elliman’ (publisher Roma Publications & Vanity Press) wins gold at the Goldene Letter 2015 in Leipzig, earning it the title ‘Schönste Buch aus aller Welt’ or ‘Best Book Design from all over the World’.

The ‘Best Book Designs from all over the World’ exhibition documents book design and book production by different cultures from all over the world and has been incorporated into the Leipzig Book Fair since 1991. It is organised by the Stiftung Buchkunst (Foundation for the Art of the Book) together with the City of Leipzig.

The prizes awarded are a Golden Letter, one gold medal, two silver medals, five bronze medals and five honorary appreciations. The Golden Letter is a gilded Gutenberg ‘A’, which has been presented since 1968 in a leather casing by Stiftung Buchkunst.

In 2015, this ‘Golden Letter’ is going to Belgium! At first sight, it seems to be a fashion magazine but is actually a contemporary work of art by artist Paul Elliman.  Our seven-strong international jury selected the 14 ‘best books in the world’ in the German National Library in Leipzig on 6 and 7 February 2015. Congratulations!
(Source: website of Stiftung Buchkunst).

More info: Stiftung Buchkunst | The Vanity Press

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