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Last Friday, king Philippe of Belgium made a visit to Volvo, Ghent to celebrate 50 years of vehicle production. Graphius astounded the Royal visitors by printing 200 celebration photobooks to mark the occasion in less than 50 minutes.

King Philippe was presented with a personal copy of the book at the end of his visit. The special edition features the profiles of fifty Volvo employees. But the page that stood out the most to many visitors – including the monarch – was a photograph of the King taken just as he arrived, and included in the book.

Production was started the moment Graphius received the photograph from Volvo. Printing and binding operations were carried out simultaneously and the books finished and delivered in record time. This was a very impressive exercise for Graphius to undertake because no other print company could have met this extremely tight deadline.

View the full photo report below.

volvo_koningkoning graphius verwonderdIMG_0990IMG_0993

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