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Graphius is an environmentally conscious organization. As a printing company, that means you sometimes have to look for creative solutions to compensate for your ecological footprint. Graphius and IVIO Salvator school Oostaker have joined forces to give paper scraps a second life.

Luc Matthys and Lies Van der Sype, two Art Education teachers at the IVIO Salvator school in Oostakker, Ghent, tutor in exceptional education. The children in their classes have one or more learning difficulties. The aim of the school is to develop their education so that they can return to a regular school. “The students end up in our class via other schools”, says Luc Matthys. “We provide social and emotional care, but also speech therapy, occupational therapy and there is a centre for outpatient rehabilitation next to the school.”

Tutor, Lies Van der Sype comments; “There is a strong focus for creative learning where hidden craft talents come to the surface.” “Some children at our school have difficulties with maths, but turn out to be really creative. We notice that the children enjoy creative learning very much. Sometimes even with real works of art as a result.” Concluded, Van der Sype.

Graphius is happy to provide the school with a supply of paper that are offcuts from the production process. Although this material would normally be recycled internally by Graphius, a second life is created for the paper that provides the school with a valuable learning resource at no cost. Tutor, Luc Matthys says; “The range of paper is excellent. We could never afford material of this quality. The children will use the paper for their New Year’s letters as well, we are looking forward to that.” Concluded Matthys.

Graphius is always open to similar initiatives. Your suggestion is welcome via info@graphius.com


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