Next Monday, April 11, eighteen new Graphius employees start a thorough professional training programme. Ten of them join us via Grafoc in collaboration with VDAB. The eight others follow an IBO (individual professional training) via VDAB itself. The new employees will strengthen our current team of 222 employees. The positive action is the result of the tax shift which the Belgian federal government introduced in October of last year. In return, the government expects the commitment of companies to hire more people. By offering ‘dual learning’ or ‘workplace learning’ to the new colleagues, Graphius commits to the tax shift goals already.

Grafoc trains workers in the print media industry for the Flemish community. They are now starting a pilot project. Graphius is one of the first companies to participate in this project as a learning provider for the new colleagues. They will complete a full course of three and then another six months to learn every aspect of our folding department.

The individual professional training program will take six months. During the IBO, the trainees will learn the necessary skills to carry out their specific job functions. This will involve a comprehensive training programme in the finishing department.

On completion of their courses, both groups will be fully trained to start working in a competent manner in the printing industry.

Five of the eighteen new employees are young professionals. In our sustainability report, we already indicated that we are committed to further expand our team with young people, among others. The printing industry population is ageing quickly. The influx of new employees helps to ensure long-term continuity. It is part of Graphius’s corporate vision to give people opportunities and to help them gain experience.