Sustainability involves many aspects in a printing firm. One of them is the use of environment-friendly shrink film. Therefore, Graphius is now using a bio-based shrink wrap. Bio-based materials come from plants and are CO2-neutral. The film is compostable, bio-degradable, oxo-degradable and degradable by UV rays. The bio-based shrink wrap can be recognized by the I’m green print.

Geert Verfaillie, buyer for Graphius, motivates the switch: “The granulate of the bio-based shrink wrap is made from plants, more specifically from sugar cane. No use is made of finite resources. As a result, the film is 100% sustainable and CO2-neutral.”

Geert Verfaillie knows we are taking a step forward: “This oil-free film is an eco-friendly alternative to the current LDPE film. It is also cheaper than using cardboard boxes.”

It is Graphius’ intention to switch as much as possible to this environment-friendly quality.