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Our very own Graphius magazine has now appeared for the fifth time and is ready for shipment. In this summer edition, we will be explaining the merger of Dereume Printing and Boone-Roosens into the same production site in Beersel, Brussels. We also follow the progress of iQuest, our online B2B customized portal, tailored to the customer.

Furthermore, Graphius magazine contains a number of interesting articles on a wide range of topics. We focus on the life of Iggy Pop, who is on the cover of the magazine. We visit theatre company NTGent. We cross the Channel to take a look at the Queen’s Gallery. We highlight the world success of our fellow citizens GreenPan. And much more. Of course, we also discuss the sustainability theme, during an interview with UNESCO.

The summer edition of Graphius magazine is also accompanied by our sustainability report, in which we present our sustainable achievements and ambitions.

Graphius magazine can be obtained for free on request via magazine@graphius.com. The same applies to the sustainability report, via sustainability@graphius.com.

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