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At the beginning of 2018, Graphius publishes, for the sixth time now, its own Graphius magazine.

First of all, allow us to extend you our best wishes for the new year! Together with you, we wish to present a toast to a year filled with prosperity, opportunities and happiness for you and your dear ones.

2017 was a dynamic year for Graphius, with several highlights. The expansion of our site in Beersel and the relocation of Dereume Printing have enabled us to solidly and definitively gain solid foothold in Brussels. Two other printing businesses, Stevens Print and GuidoMaes, relocated from Merelbeke to our site in Ghent, which is of substantial benefit to the production flow and general efficiency within the entire company. In conclusion, the addition of Schaubroeck to the group was a well-considered move with a view to broadening our base.

The past year was also a pivotal one on the world stage: not in the least with regard to women’s liberation and gender equality. We were all pleasantly surprised with Time Magazine’s announcement last December of its choice of ’Person of the Year’. Not Chinese president Xi Jinping, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, or Donald Trump, but the women behind the #MeToo movement were conferred this well-deserved honour.

The features in this edition – fortunately so – are, briefly put, not about sexual abuse or inappropriate sexual behaviour. Instead, they shine a spotlight on a series of amazingly strong women, each in their own, unique manner or with a unique contribution to society.

As a matter of fact, the women behind the #MeToo-hashtag inspired us to place the iconic Marilyn Monroe on our cover. That the personal muse of fashionistas all over the world is still highly popular today is proven by Joshua Greene. The son of Marilyn’s confidant Milton H. Greene restored several old photographs that have never been shown before to their former glory and brought them together in a beautiful book.

In Paris, Claire de Cointet will be taking over the baton from Nicolas Roche as the director of Editions Centre Pompidou. Speaking of a powerful woman. Still in France, Florence Cane is the manager in charge of organising Yannick Alléno’s professional life. In Africa, an entire generation of confident women are presenting themselves on the foreground, as proven by Eddy Van Gestel’s photographs and – not to any lesser extent – by his accompanying report. Closer to home, Gita Deneckere is engaged in a furious battle to break through the glass ceiling of Ghent University, while Anniek Gavriilakis has taken the responsibility for the Movement Without a Name on her elegant shoulders. And our very own Ciska De Muyter is at the helm of Schaubroeck, which recently joined Graphius.

Aside from these features, this edition of Graphius Magazine contains many more articles that are sure to enthral you: both the more male-oriented features on Louis Vuitton and Olivier Föllmi, and the ’gender neutral’ pieces – or how else would you describe the zombies of The Walking Dead?

We hope you enjoy reading this edition!

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Graphius magazine is also available online. You can obtain the paper version for free on simple request via magazine@graphius.com.

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