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Graphius has taken a big step in its consolidation strategy of vertical integration. With the latest takeover, the Belgian printing company now plays the French market from the inside.


PPO Graphic has been established since 1975 and is a renowned printing company in France, and by extension throughout Europe, because of its specialization in the production of comic books. PPO is located in Palaiseau, a stone’s throw from Paris.

The current manager of PPO, Robert Ganem, sees no follow-up for his printing business at the age of 72. He acknowledges the promising progress of the Belgian company Graphius and has become the first foreign company to join the printing group.

Robert Ganem: “In view of my age, it was my duty to find a buyer so that the continuity of my company would not be compromised at any time. The interests of our customers and employees were central to the choice of a potential buyer. When I went to investigate, and after the first contacts made by Denis Geers, it became clear to me that Graphius could represent these interests. I will remain a minority shareholder and will remain at the head of the company for at least three years.”

PPO joins Graphius with a fully automated production plant for books. Thanks to the large Heidelberg presses (1200 x 1600 mm) and the fully automatic finishing lines, PPO Graphic is the largest player in Europe for the production of comic books.

The French printing company has 70 employees and realizes a turnover of EUR 16 million.


With this acquisition, Graphius adds a fourth location in Paris, next to the head office in Ghent and offices in Beersel (Brussels) and Nazareth. France is already an important sales market for Graphius. Up to now, production took place at the head office in Ghent. The choice of Graphius to expand its production facilities to France is therefore a well-considered strategic move.

The acquisition will not involve job losses, neither in Belgium nor in France.

The significant reduction in transport also played a role in Graphius’ decision. The reduced emission of exhaust gases is synonymous with a lower ecological footprint and will bear fruit on a sustainable level. This ecological approach is an important added value for Graphius, a printing company that attaches great importance to sustainability.

Denis Geers: “The acquisition of PPO is a well thought-out step towards local production in France. The automated production equipment, the product range and the location in the outskirts of Paris made us decide to carry out this acquisition.” Graphius Group now has thirteen printing companies, is now employing 370 people since the takeover of PPO and has a consolidated turnover of EUR 76 million.


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Robert Ganem (director PPO Graphic, left), Denis Geers (CEO Graphius, centre) and Philippe Geers (CFO Graphius, right).