Sinterklaas Visits Graphius

Of course everyone has been good at Graphius! That’s why Sinterklaas came to visit us with a gift and a lot of goodies for our more than 450 employees who left their stuffed shoe at Graphius. We also took care of Sinterklaas with a cup of coffee, a biscuit and his freshly printed book, which Sinterklaas also uses this year to write everything down.

This year Sinterklaas opted for a luxurious version of his book and therefore naturally ended up at Graphius. He opted for a hardcover in A1 format with velvet red fabric wrapper with gold foil and press cut also in the gold. Thanks to Graphius this year the book is not only a great masterpiece but also everything was printed CO2-neutrally.

Thank you very much Sinterklaas and Black Peter, see you next year!