The Power of Print

The perception of marketers as to which channels are most effective rarely reflects reality. The truth is that magazines, newspapers and direct mail by marketers are always being underestimated.

Newspaper ads increase the ROI of the campaign by as much as 570%, while more than one in five direct mails gives rise to commercial activities, and magazine ads generate £2.43 for every £1 that is invested. The statistics arguing for print media effectiveness are clear.

Brands that use the power of the tangible to create impact, connect emotionally and improve memory are on the rise. After all, marketing and advertising are about great ideas. There is no shortage of these ideas in the print media space. Look no further than the ‘Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’, where a number of truly innovative print campaigns received the highest awards.

Peter Field: “We are being turned upside down and sold over to a unique digital future. We need to face reality and have a more fact-based view of what really drives effectiveness.”.

In general, marketing campaigns are most effective when printed matter is used as part of an integrated approach. Research shows that adding print to the media mix increases the campaign’s ROI and creates more confidence than would otherwise be the case.

In response to the imminent launch of a brand new in-house project, we have added a tangible promotion page in our quarterly magazine that refers to the
the landing page of the new project.

This print produced results that we have not yet been able to achieve online. We reached over 1,000 people of which just under 15% converted. When you know that the average online conversion for most sectors is around 3 to 5 percent, only then do you realize the power of printing.