The Printing Company Graphius & Publisher Lannoo work together for 125 years VBO.

Digital creates an impression, print creates a memory.

The FEB’s choice to go for a printed, tangible and, above all, sustainably produced version of the knowledge it has accumulated over more than 125 years is a conscious one. Why this conscious choice? For this special anniversary, the FEB wanted to appeal to all the senses rather than just the ones that would be present in a digital version. That is why VBO chose the power of printing and 2 experienced companies (Printing Company Graphius & Publisher Lannoo) to realize this work.

The volume and the tangibility of the book give the content an extra dimension. The choice for a printed version of the book in a current setting where the digital companies pop up like mushrooms speaks volumes. The timeless importance of paper and printed matter which is no stranger to our industry also finds its way back to other sectors and companies.

A complementary approach to both digital and printed matter proves to be the strategy of our clients more than ever. Digital creates an impression, print creates a memory.

Ondernemen Voor Welvaart: 125 & Beyond

On 13 February 1895, 183 companies entered into a constructive alliance. Today, the FEB speaks for more than 50,000 companies, accounting for three-quarters of private-sector employment and 80% of Belgian exports.

In the book ‘Ondernemen Voor Welvaart: 125 & Beyond’ (Entrepreneurship for Prosperity: 125 & Beyond), key figures from enterprising Belgium testify to the impact of 25 pivotal moments – from the Generation Pact to the Gentlemen’s Agreement to the recent Brexit. Despite the wild ideas and inspiring ambitions of young people as well as the experiences of seasoned companies, reality remains the only breeding ground. Innovation is more necessary than ever in a world where technological progress has become an everyday reality and a pioneering role is not self-evident.

With this book, the FEB hopes to give a push in the right direction and to encourage constructive and, above all, sustainable further cooperation.

The book ‘Ondernemen voor Welvaart. 125 years & beyond’ has been published by Lannoo and has been available from Belgian bookshops since 13 February 2020. It is also available in French, under the title ‘Entreprendre pour la prospérité. 125 ans & beyond’, in a publication by Racine.