Graphius is an industrial printing company that is active on three production sites: Ghent, Brussels and Paris

Why the idea of centralising various printing works? Because we believe that industrialisation, consolidation and vertical integration are the only ways to develop a profitable graphic company in a globalising economy. We do this at four industrial and well-structured production sites.

Fast deliveries, high-quality printed matter

The family shareholders of Graphius and the executive committee consist of the managers of the various companies. They have a long-term vision, which results in a well-balanced investment programme.

Every day, more than 450 motivated employees are at the service of the customer. Together, we offer an answer to the current demand for faster delivery and high-quality printed matter

Printing & Bookbinding

The Graphius machine park has 128 recent Heidelberg printing towers and an integrated bookbinding facility, making it one of the most extensive on the European market.

Integrated production, from a brochure to a hardcover book, takes place internally. This gives maximum control over quality, budget and lead time. Finally, we keep the ecological footprint of the production process as low as possible.

For us, customers are partners with whom a partnership is being developed in order to build the future together. Our common future.

Mision, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

We want to make Graphius a leading producer of printed matter with a strong specialisation in books, catalogues and magazines. We are making targeted investments in innovative applications to meet tomorrow’s demand.

We believe it is important to keep our financial position healthy but also to offer opportunities to our employees, suppliers and the environment in which we operate in order to grow and develop further.

Corporate Vision

We constantly strive to create added value for our customers, the employees and the environment in which we operate. This is reflected in our daily way of working: we take great care of the environment and invest heavily in innovation.

As a family business, all investments are made on the basis of a long-term vision, which means that our customers are doing business with a company with a future.

Our Values

We feel involved and responsible in everything we do. We must continue to earn the trust that others give us, day after day. We must be able to live up to what we sell.

Our principles are as follows:

  • Only striving for things that are good for employees, the company, customers and our environment.
  • Acting honestly, correctly and fairly
  • Respecting each other and achieving results together
  • Acting with a long-term vision
  • Creating space for the diversity of people

Key Figures

Years of Experience
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