Offset printing

The machinery used by Graphius is among the most efficient and versatile in the European sheet printing market.

Over 126 recent Heidelberg presses in two printing formats: producing 36 x 56 cm – 75 x 106 cm – 120 x 160 cm in a full continuous process. All the presses are controlled by the Heidelberg Quality Monitor reporting system which follows the required ISO 12647 standard rigorously and detects and corrects the tiniest discrepancies in real time.

Digital printing

With a quality that rivals conventional offset and with short throughput times. A Kodak Nexpress, a Kodak Digimaster and a HP Indigo are ready to print your personalised mailings, stationery, folders or printing on demand project in single or five colour printing with optional online UV high-gloss coated finishing.


  • Direct mailing (VDP Printing)
  • Folders, brochures, manuals, catalogues and books in small volumes
  • Printing on Demand (POD)

Colour management

All Heidelberg presses are controlled by high-tech Heidelberg spectral measurement equipment. The system uses spectrophotometric software which reads control elements (mini spots) on the printed sheets and immediately converts them into valuable information that can be used to implement changes automatically.

During the printing process, the checking of mini spots ensures far greater reliability. The responsive software can detect discrepancies in the printed colour area and take corrective action in real time.

Furthermore, the analysis of the mini spots assists our routine calibration of the CTP systems and printing presses, so that we no longer have to go through the whole calibration and proofing process. This leads not only to consistency in the quality delivered but also to more sustainable production by generating less waste paper, less ink consumption, less electricity consumption, and so on.

Book bindery

All the material was recently renovated, which makes the Graphius book bindery the most high-tech plant of its kind in Europe.

Ranging from a stapled brochure to a PUR-glued or sewn soft or hardcover book, everything is done in-house.

The degree of flexibility and quality control that can be achieved is therefore of invaluable importance.