Mission Statement

We want to make Graphius Group a leading producer of printed matter, with a strong specialisation in books, catalogues and magazines. We invest in a targeted way in innovative applications to meet the demand of the future.

We believe it is important to maintain a sound financial position as well as offering opportunities to our employees, suppliers and the environment in which we operate to grow and develop.

 Corporate Vision

We strive continually to create value for our customers, employers and the environment in which we operate. This is reflected in our daily way of working, where we devote a great deal of attention to the environment, and invest heavily in innovation.

As a family business, all investments are made based on a long-term vision, so that our customers are doing business with a company that has a future.

Our values

We feel involved in and responsible for everything we do. Day after day, we have to earn the trust that others place in us. We must be able to deliver what we sell.

Our principles are:

  • Only trying to achieve things that are good for the workforce, the company, our clients and our environment.
  • Acting honestly, correctly and fairly
  • Respecting each other, and achieving results together
  • Acting with a long-term vision
  • Creating scope for the diversity of people.