Graphius is aware that its activities can affect the environment. That is why we apply standards and regulations very strictly, and attempt to minimise any negative impact in this way.

Graphius continually invests in sustainable developments, and specifically in environment-friendly production by making deliberate choices at every step of the production process.

We always invest in high-tech equipment to produce more efficiently and more sustainably. So Graphius was one of the very first to start with a press that prints entirely alcohol-free.

Completed actions relating to ecology:

  • Alcohol-free printing
  • Use of vegetable inks
  • Vegetable non-volatile detergents
  • Green electricity
  • Use of FSC-certified paper
  • Colour Management linked to automatic inking presses. The advantage of this system is that it cuts down on the number of initial sheets and is more economical with ink and products
  • Use of CtP technology
  • Own transport department with trucks meeting Eco 5 standards
  • Operating with groupage transport to reduce transport
  • 3-yearly soil testing by specialised lab
  • Professional collection and disposal of products
  • Collection of rainwater for use in toilets and washrooms
  • Purchase of products in large reusable metal drums (alcohol, inks, detergents …)
  • Use of biofilm made from starch