DMS – Database management system

A well-managed database is essential for a successful Direct Mail campaign. Via iSend, you have the possibility of assembling a usable database from the source file you already have.
If you want to outsource the entire database management, the Graphius specialists will be glad to help. So we can handle the building, correction, deduplicating and programming of your database.

Printing one-to-one

Your direct mail campaign is printed variably using a prepared database. In black and white or colour on one of our digital presses.
Print quality is excellent, which means your marketing campaign makes a powerful impression.

Blistering or envelope-stuffing

Your printed documents are packed by machine – with or without inserts – in film or envelopes.
The address of the recipient and the postage details are printed online by inkjet, in accordance with the requirements of the country where the postdrop is to happen.

Postal processing

Graphius works with the national postal services of most European countries. A specialised service within Graphius takes care of the various postal formalities for you, and ensures that your mailing is sent at the cheapest rate.
Graphius also offers the possibility of monitoring and correcting your returns in your database.